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Providing services for a wide variety of clients, including production companies, corporate promotional videos, property developers, sports, events, commercials, TV & viral films for brands on the Internet. 


We fly a variety of drones, each is more suited to different applications. In addition to a large drone capable of carrying one of the highest resolution cameras available. We also fly smaller ones suited to more urban environments such as inner cities & areas close to people. 


Key Services:


  • Retinair Video - Stunning motion pictures can be recorded up to 4K with our DJI Inspire. All our platforms offer full gyro stabilisation giving smooth and professional results. From circling around a fixed point to tracking a moving object we can get the shot you need. Full editing & production available - we can make a complete video with audio & tailor this to your needs such as corporate videos, YouTube etc.


  • Retinair Photo - The home of one of the highest resolution cameras available, our "Flying 5D" can take photos at a resolution of over 22mp with stunning colour. The low light capability of the Canon 5D mark 3 is truly remarkable. We can provide 360 degree panoramic shots also. Full editing included.


  • Retinair Earth - From advanced 3D modeling with interactive maps to building and structural assessments, we can provide a close-up view of hard to reach areas as well as providing useful outputs for your business. We use industry leading software to create powerful models. 


 Additional Services:


  • Retinair Wing Man - We will gladly act as a backup crew for any other remote pilots or service or run as a 2nd option giving 2 or more angles from the air. We have 3 drones at our use so everything is backed up with us and we can fly up to 20kg.  
  • Retinair Live - Your event broadcast to a live screen via our HD video downlink or to YouTube. Wow your customers & clients. Offer something extra special.
  • Retinair X-Projects - Like Bruce Wayne's research division in Batman, this is where your strange ideas can become reality. From banner flying to delivering pizzas for promotions – we look forward to hearing your X-Project idea.



Complete package: Retinair also has full ground based filming, design & video editing capabilities if required. We provide full video creation & photo editing services delivering images ready for publication or can shoot footage for a third-party production team. We can also promote on Youtube & other social media. 



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